Joziwood on its way!

Hosted at the packed Fire and Ice Hotel, Melrose Arch this week, the pint-sized Masina said the face of filming in the Province needed a serious attention and also emphasized that transformation must take place.

“How can we improve the industry when transformation is non-existing?” he asked.

Having prepared documentations to be presented to the higher echelons in the province, Masina said this will help in achieving their targets and turn around strategies which his department have prepared.

He also pointed out that, workshops in the Gauteng will take place in an effort to engage with stakeholders, film enthusiasts, academies, and so on.

Close to 41 projects have been earmarked which will benefit youth’s and aspiring film makers.

“Obviously, we will not approve every project submitted to us. However, should one feel dissatisfied with the outcome, they can approach the Appeals Board which will oversee the whole process of transparency and fairness, “says Masina.

Pressed to divulge how much will be invested, the coy Masina said it was against the agency’s policy not to say.

The launch was graced by leading film and television stars such as Presley Chweneyagae, and (Jason) from Generations, amongst others.

Gauteng Film Commission is hard at work preparing documentations for hosting Johannesburg Film Festival next year, one of lever projects which Masina has initiated since his appointment.

We’re gonna turn this into Joziwood, opined the obviously thrilled Masina, whose department also celebrated the signing of a partnership with National Film and Video Foundation, South African Screen Federation and Film Publications Board with Moet and Chandon champagnes flowing.

For further information on submissions visit:www.gautengfilm.org.za




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