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Makhubo to address challenges the city faces in his SOCA

THE CITY of Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo will deliver his State of the City Address today.

Makhubo to address challenges the city faces in his SOCA

The much awaited address will seek to point out contentious issues that have bedevil the city and the projects that are non-functional, including the dirt and wastage strewn all, over amongst others.

It also happens as the Metrobus operations in Jhb are affected by the strike continues.

The affected members who are affiliated to Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers’ Union of SA (Demawusa), demand an 18% salary increase and a call on the company to address allegations of corruption.

Metrobus spokesperson Goodwill Shivuri said the strike had caused disruptions in certain areas.

“Two of our depots were operating this morning and the buses from these depots managed to ferry a substantial number of passengers … until the end of the morning peak,” Shivuri said.

“Instead of sticking to our daily schedule, we had to redirect to catch up on the shortfall of buses.”

Commenting on the union’s demands, Shivuri said: “Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to negotiate some of the demands with them because they are dealt with at the bargaining council.”

He said about 97 buses from the village main depot in the inner city were not operating.

Makhubo’s speech would have address this matter and other pertinent matters that continue to affect operations in the city.

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