Makhura does a U-turn!

Having wasted the public’s funds by appointing the Advisory Panel eight months ago, Makhura has let the Gautenians down. Again.

Yes, the Premier did not state categorically that e-tolls ‘would be scrapped’ but by virtue of him appointing the panel gave that indication, alas not.

Makhura’s advisory panel did not reject the e-toll system outright, however. Instead, it recommended the implementation of a hybrid option involving a combination of e-tolls and other funding sources.

It said in its recommendations: “The e-tolls component of a hybrid funding option should be structured in a way that is more equitable to low and middle-income users, more simple and efficient, and at lower rates.”

Gauteng political parties, including the ANC, wanted e-tolls scrapped. The ANC and DA in Gauteng preferred the option of an increase in the fuel levy and motor vehicle registration fees.

With Municipal Elections to take place in 2016, the ANC in Gauteng should be worried. Again.   

Simply put Premier: what was the purpose of appointing the recommendations panel thereof and why wasted public funds by appointing the panel?

Was Makhura pushed to go ahead with e-tolls system? Your guess is just as good as mine… 

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