Men skin care launched!

Michael Mikiala Men entered the market in 2010 as a fresh new grooming offering specifically designed to cater to the skin care needs of African men.

Their journey over the past two and a half years has been one of growth and redefinition.

It started off with a four product offering under one range, and has now launched at Edgars department stores with four different ranges consisting of twelve different products.

African men now have a viable alternative through a brand that has specifically formulated products to address their skin care concerns. Razor bumps are one such problem that Michael Mikiala Men products treat. Their bump lotion has proven to be one of their best selling products thus far.

“Own Your Skin” is Michael Mikiala Men’s campaign for their Edgars department stores launch.

The campaign showcases a variety of skin types encouraging men to take ownership of their skin no matter what their age, shade or skin type, suggesting that there is a Michael Mikiala Men product for all of them. 

Michael Mikiala Men’s ranges consist of a Pure range, a Sensitive range, an Intensive Razor Bumps range, and an Intensive Pigmentation range.

Feeling aged get your care brand today and feel invigorated!

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