MG 6 has arrived, folks. Get used to it!

The plastic dashboard interior makes this model very suspect – a rush to get a car out there without consideration of quality.  However, after settling into the MG cockpit and stepping on that pedal, there is a sudden adrenalin rush, the kind of experience you encounter with expensive model such as Mercedes or Lexus.

This car is in a class of its own. It is seamlessly fast, quite, and extremely comfortable. For the retail price of R299,900 or R2999 per month, it is definitely a bargain!

What you get is a top class high performance machine with sporty looks, and the awesome power of its turbo charged engine. With its 2 liter engine it is very good on petrol and, can take you on a long journey and back on a full tank.

We took the car for a spin in the suburbs and the township of Soweto and, was surprised at the feedback.

The MG is certainly an eye grabber and a stunner. For instance, inside the Rosebank Mall Parking, the MG grabbed the attention of an elderly lady who commented: “Is this the new MG? My God its beautiful!”

That’s a ‘BLACK MAMBA’ for you, we retorted with huge sigh of relief. Black cos, that’s what we test driven. Aha!

In Soweto, eyes did more talking than words. Everywhere you turned, the car mesmerized onlookers who were stunned by the MG’s awesome size, its vava voom roar, and of course, its pimped up accessories, wide spoilers and spectacular rims.

My colleague’s sister who drives a mere Renault, never stopped singing praises and wanted to know what if the price is affordable. Like a new born baby, the MG Turbo unique looks and features along with the affordable price is bound to be a hit with consumers in Soweto, the suburbs, and across the nation.

Simply put, it’s a beautiful, spacious, and super fast machine!

From a distance, the car oozes features of the latest BMW with its projecting front and rear lights. But as you get a closer look, you realize that the car has its own distinct features. The one feature that will really be a marvel with consumers is its front rear mirror.

It is linked to a sophisticated laser computer system that  has a warning beep sound each time you reverse the car and get too close to the next. This warning system also mutes the radio’s audio to allow you to pay attention as you park the vehicle.

Another additional feature is its oversize trunk. You could easily fit four cows – it is huge and, the historical name to become the Magnette Saloon is what MG6 Turbo is all about!

Verdict: Out of 10,  the MG Turbo 6 can easily be ranked at seven as a high performance and affordable vehicle with features and the comforts of expensive models  such as a Mercedes, BMW C class, Audi SL, the latest Jetta or Honda Accord.

The only thing that is left for the MG Turbo 6 to capture the imagination of South African consumers is how this beautiful machine is launched and marketed. It definitely deserves a star treatment as one of the best cars of 2012.

So, the quetion is would you buy the MG Turbo 6 because it’s cheap and built in China?

According to Sergio Lopez, Marketing Manager MGSA, more than four brands will be launched later this year, as part of growing the brand in the South Africa, and recommiting the company’s growth in investing in the continent. 

“To show our commitment to SA, soon the company will also reveal their latest busses/taxis models to the market,” quipped the excited Lopez.

“Its going to be a busy season for us.”

For more information visit:www.mgsa.co.za or call 011 462-4390

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