Motoring journos go for refresher course. But for some it was too much!

This is where all kinds of car screeches, smelling clutches, maniac speed, oohs and ahhs were the order of the day!

Ok, if you wanted to enjoy the latest Chev brands on offer this was the moment and we never disappointed, stru…

Suffice to say a colleague Eric Phiri (Sports Focus), was on the verge of tearing apart when we had to spin the car with water on tarmac.

Media members and winners came in large numbers to learn the latest driving tricks.  
True, that was hair-moving experience as the chief instructor alluded, and Lunga Ntsendwana (GMSA Product Comm Manager) our -teddy bear- was all smiles, as expected.

Some of the tricks meted out to us were applied on the road as we drove back from the bushy Gerotek. Yes, the former military base folks!

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