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Multichoice to hike price as new channels take over from repeats!

Multichoice to hike price as new channels take over from repeats!

SuperSized’ means reducing the airing of repeats and slotting in of new shows and new presenters.

SuperSized. Multichoice and its sister channels held a two day media interaction as part of its new tag SuperSized. Presenter Layla had fun with channels director: M-Net & M-Net Movies Johan du Plessis. Images SLM.

General Manager of content, Aletta Alberts (Multichoice), commented that complaints received from DStv users, has decreased alarmingly by 12%, an indication that they were listening and responding to their customers by finding ways to improve the quality of the shows.

After being bussed in from their headquarters, the day began with presentations and technicalities on ‘SuperSized’ and the MC for two days and SuperSport presenter comical Neil Andrews, was on hand to liven-up the proceedings.

Nkatheko Mabaso, M-Net General Manager said: “The entertainment landscape is changing faster than ever – we’ve made these changes based on what our customers have told us. We know they want to see the best new and returning series, and that is exactly what they will get.”

Mabaso went on to highlight that they will acquire the best studios in the world to produce top content and increase investments in local channels because it is key.

Hamish Mykura, executive vice president National Geographic, says a lot of content is now shot and produced in Africa. This means more than 132 countries are now able to experience our work globally, he said.

M-Net and MultiChoice are further reducing M-Net’s channels offering on DStv with the M-Net Edge (DStv 102), M-Net Family (DStv 162) and M-Net Movies Showcase (DStv 107) channels are phasing out in April.

Shangaan king Papa Penny, gave a resounding performance with his popular hit ‘Ahee’. The flamboyant musician reality show ratings seem to be growing, so is TV viewership.

Gideon Khobane-SuperSport CE admitted that it was getting too expensive to obtain rights for games hence the price hike.

The M-Net team has declared March 31 as National Movie Day, which will mark South Africa’s first outd

Talking sport. SuperSport CE Gideon Khobane and Benny McArthy serenaded by the comical Neil Andrews.

oor movie extravaganza.

However, you’ll have to watch the headlines and adverts to find out the details because they were withheld to keep the public guessing and salivating.

Also, on the offering is the new price hike as from April 1.

Former Absa Matshepo Majola-now SuperSport General Manager Marketing kept yours in SuperSized company.

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