Nasty C calls for everyone to help reduce the level of hunger affecting our children in the country

Ahoi kids. Nasty C and learners in Soweto during the #1120under5 launch sponsored by KFC’s national feeding programme- Add Hope initiative.

The 2018 UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report reveals a sad and urgent reality – world hunger is on the rise again.

The month of October, globally is regarded as World Hunger Month and in South Africa top personalities are throwing their weight behind the #1120under5 project- that refers to (1120 children under the age of 5 die of malnutrition.)

Supported and backed by Kentucky Fried Chicken, the main objective of the project is to put childhood hunger back in the spotlight, where it belongs, through the KFC’s national feeding programme-Add Hope initiative. Simply put: understand the hunger our children face and how best we could help?

Disturbingly, the reality is that 1120 children under the age of 5 die of malnutrition in South Africa, according to WHO. This is a sad reality in that mzansi is considered to be the ‘Gateway to the World’ yet some of our little-ones go to bed with empty stomach everyday, no water or poor sanitation in their respective communities. I have sleepless nights whenever I shudder to think of this unfortunate experience.

Chiefly, some bunk schools as a result of that (thus end up affecting their academic performances), amongst others.

But with the help of influential personalities such Nasty C, who on Thursday spent his time with the kids in Soweto, the situation could be controlled and improved but not be eradicated.

Can anyone guess whose interviewer/interviewee in this image, Ofentse or Nasty C?

The project seeks to reach over 120 000 kids nationally.

“Anything that robs people, especially children, of their opportunities is close to my heart. Hunger is one of those things. I’ve taken a stand with Add Hope to help make sure no child goes hungry in SA – and I want everyone else to care about it too. Let’s stand together, join a movement to help drop this stat and ensure that no child goes to bed hungry,” says Nasty C, whom many (including this reporter) during the week thought he was launching his new apparel or dropping a new song but that was not to be.

Thabisa Mkhwanazi, KFC Public Affairs Director and Add Hope champion says, “It’s unthinkable that children in our country are still dying from hunger and malnutrition, both preventable causes, with stunting affecting millions more.

While this is an issue that should have our attention, sadly, people have become numb to bad news. In fact, you don’t need to look far, our social media timelines are flooded with headlines that shouldn’t trend, while the important ones get lost in the news cycle.”

“So, this year, our job is to get people to rethink how they feel about this childhood hunger – bringing it to their attention in an unconventional way by working with like-minded people who believe in the cause to make this alarming stat trend in SA.”

If you can’t beat them, join them as Nasty C dances to a learner’s tune.

Nasty C will be supported by peers in the music industry Distruction Boyz, Proverb, Slikour, DJ Sabby and DJ Ankletap as the #1120under5 project rolls out nationally.

Today, in Diepkloof Immink Drive-Soweto award winning illustrator Lazi Mathebula will be with the kids- to tell a story that people need to sit up and take notice of.

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