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New healthier bread for SA!

Futurelife has announced a new entrant into the Everyday Premium and Everyday Plus bread segments, with the launch of Futurelife Smart Bread.

New healthier bread for SA!

Grain foods such as bread provide many nutrients that include dietary fibre, which are vital for the health and maintenance of our bodies.


New entrant.

Futurelife Smart Bread however delivers innovation in the category by providing a multitude of nutritional benefits in the Everyday bread segment.

Futurelife Smart Bread is South Africa’s first and only non-GMO, low GI bread that is naturally high in energy, high in protein and omega-3, a source of dietary fibre, contains 17 vitamins and minerals as well as 19 amino acids. This makes it the smartest choice of bread that the whole family can enjoy.

“Bread is one of the few food items that is purchased by almost every household, making it a staple food for most families in the country. Moreover, a vast portion of bread is most often used in lunchboxes, and this provides a great opportunity that enables moms and caregivers to utilise Smart Bread as the foundation for providing their families with more of the nutrition they need to get through the day,” says David Sweidan, GM- Business & Marketing at Futurelife South Africa.

Futurelife Smart Bread is available in both a Smart White Bread and Smart Brown Bread, respectively.

FutureLife Smart Bread is available in the KZN and Greater North regions in most retail stores countrywide.

Yes, the bread market is becoming interesting considering last week the Product of the Year awards were held.

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