News Café, new beginnings!

That’s the evolution the iconic franchise will be implementing in mzansi.

The South African market and consumers of today are more aware and educated about the industry, owing to stringent economy that forces them to seek more than just good customer service, but experiences that is worthwhile.

News Café is associated with fun, eclectic designs, delectable cocktails and signature service. Agree?

But according to Michael Deftereos, founding member of the News Cafe brand and Director at Fournews, a ‘beautiful’ change is imminent.

“We needed to disrupt the market and transform into, who we knew we always were: cocktail leaders.

We found a direction that represents the ethos of News Cafe and that will establish the brand in the market for the future,” he pointed out as part of the changes being effected. 

“Innovation, he continues, “is critical for growth in such a competitive environment. Without innovation, we stall, and our competitors take over, and we would simply not exist”.

We are taking back our bars!’ is a mantra that would propel News Café brand into new beginnings.

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