No SAs affected as the death tally rises after a shooting in Las Vegas

Mayhem. Country music fans going for cover following the shooting in Las Vegas- US, were the tally of death’s has risen to 59 and over 500 casualties reported.

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation has confirmed that no South Africans were affected by the shooting.

“[There are] no South African victims. Our consulate in Los Angeles is closely monitoring developments‚” the department said.

Earlier‚ spokesperson Nelson Kgwete said they were yet to verify whether all South Africans in the city were accounted for.

The tragedy unfolded after a gunman opened fire at a concert in the gambling capital on Sunday.

Reuters reported that the alleged gunman was among the dead.

Las Vegas Metro Police Sheriff Joseph Lombardo was quoted as saying that his death came after police “engaged the suspect“.

Lombardo was later quoted by AFP as stating that the gunman was believed to have committed suicide.

The motive for the attack was not immediately clear.

He said officers found “in excess of 10 rifles” upon entering the 32nd floor hotel room from which the gunman was believed to have opened fire at concertgoers below.

On social media‚ people tried to piece together the events that unfolded with some even questioning whether the deceased acted alone.

Some shared numbers and areas where people could go to donate blood to assist the victims.

Videos of the moment when the gunman opened fire have gone viral on social media.

The ringing shots were seemingly from a machine gun rifle. In the videos‚ the crowds are seen splitting into different directions as they scramble for cover.

On Facebook‚ people have been sharing information in a bid to find their loved ones who were believed to have been on the scene.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis said he was “deeply saddened” by the “senseless tragedy” in Las Vegas, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II offered her “thoughts and prayers” and Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote Trump to voice condolences over the “shocking” crime.

Later in the day president Donald Trump led the nation in a moment of silence, alongside first lady Melanie Trump. Speaking to reporters, Trump said, “This is a sad day,” reports Sydney Morweng-news editor.

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