Nzuza- ANCYL SG unhappy with Ramaphosa’s cabinet reshuffle

Unhappy. ANCYL SG Njabulo Nzuza says the league was not contacted during the Ramphosa’s cabinet.

Nzuza, has accused President Ramaphosa and the National Working Committee of the ANC for not having injected young blood to the newly appointed cabinet that was announced this week. And they were not consulted.

“Its all about principle and nothing else. We expected the President and the leadership to make contact with us, as per the norm of the organization. But that did not happen,” said Nzuza., who also pointed out that during Zuma’s administration, they were consulted.

According to him, they met the President during national consultations with the structures to discuss the 20% youth representation to the new cabinet but to their amazement that was not factored in.

Contradicting himself, Nzuza reiterated that they were in consultation with Ramaphosa yet they were not contacted on the cabinet reshuffle.

“It can’t be that when its time for elections youths’ are in the forefront but when coming to policies of national interest, they’re overlooked. We can’t allow it. Like I said its about principle nothing else”

Meanwhile, the ANCWL secretary-general Meokgo Matuba said the league’s leadership met with Ramaphosa and ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule on Monday.

“We raised the issue of the 50/50 gender parity. We were not specific about names,” Matuba said.

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