People don't talk, so let's talk-Chikapa!

Having celebrated the musical journeys of South African music greats such as Bra Hugh Masekela, Judith Sephuma and Selaelo Selota in the past to acclaimed success, the next installment of Legacy Live allowed guests to be serenaded by Grammy Award winner Ray Phiri.

Yes, let’s celebrate our legends when still alive or kanjani?

This is an opportunity for select fans to enjoy a personal music experience with a legendary artist in an interactive music journey through their career, trials, tribulations, love and life.

And “Chikapa” did that in splendor as he belted his celebrated hits after hits, although not all and guests kept asking for more!

“Chikapa” depends where you coming from because in ‘Chikomane’ it means wise protection or move your pelvis in Zimbabwean.

Exclusively, he told this reporter that he will not be retiring soon but concentrating on activism and as an arts and culture educationist.   

“People don’t want to get their hands dirty and for me, this is a calling to be an activist because there is too much to do and learn.

I don’t want a situation when I die; my knowledge dies as well. It must be shared when I’m still alive hence the route I’m taking,” says the not-once but-twice Graceland Album Grammy Award winner in both 1987 and ’88, respectively.

The 67 year old “Chikapa” says in life there are seven pillars of Humanity: education, culture, religion, politics, gender, environment and socialization. 

If we could uphold those seven pillars the world would be a better place, he emphasized strongly.

“Chikapa” has a message for everyone- particularly emerging musicians- people don’t talk so let’s talk, a referral that music does not have an attitude as others would like to portray it.

“A legend is described as having single-minded determination and an irrepressible spirit, a definition that fits so comfortably when describing Ray Phiri.

As a brand, we believe in the importance of showing our consumers and celebrating what the brand and legends such as Ray Phiri are about.

There is no doubt that his signature sound has traversed the globe, and has left a legacy behind for generations to come, much like George Smith who created The Glenlivet, the Single Malt Whisky which has left a legacy as the first licensed distillery in the world,” quipped Mandla Holomisa, Glenlivet Brand Manager.

“Our next installment of The Glenlivet Legacy Live will be an extraordinary experience, composed of the perfect blend of whisky, music, brilliance and über-chic guests all in a private musical setting.”

A bitter pill to swallow -is that the 67 year old age defier, highlighted that- since he has formed a new band at times they will not play most of popular hits.

“I’m grooming them since most of them are young. It’s no longer Stimela but Ray Phiri and people should get used to that,” he says.

In conclusion he attested that, “people don’t know where Lesotho is; or even know some of our neighbouring States. They think Africa is South Africa. That’s where the importance of education comes in.”

The jazz, fusion and mbaqanga musician born in Mpumalanga to Malawian immigrant worker and South African guitarist nicknamed “Just Now” Phiri, was the founding member of the Cannibals in 1970.

With his signature smile, he says the Glenlivet Legacy Live espouses people to interact and impart knowledge, because people no longer talk.  


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