Will someone ask what is going on with our Justice system?

For crying out loud, what is going on? Who must explain this to the South Africans?

Lungisane Mdlolo, a rapist and killer escaped from a court in Palm Ridge on Tuesday, it was reported.

Mdlolo was convicted of three rapes, one murder, five armed robberies and 10 counts of house-breaking. Now he’s on the run.

Who is behind this coward act and who got that bloody money?

The law strongly recommends wearing of leg irons but in this case, Mdlolo was not.

Again who is behind this?

This month being dedicated to abused children and women, how do we expect them to feel safe when our Justice system is failing us?

Yes, as it’s always the case there are rotten apples and we hope and pray our authorities will get rid of those apples from our society for good.

Folks, our country is bleeding of crime and injustice. Amen!

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