Promoters are not giving us gigs-says Gatvol Rouge

Taking no prisoners. Rapper and award winner Rouge has sent out a stern message to promoters to give them gigs and not look down on them.

The Democratic of Congo born, South Africa based -took a swipe at some South African promoters, who seem not to procure or solicit services of some female artists in the country.

“My biggest gripe and concern is promoters tend to use our counterparts and this is evident in almost music events, of which I don’t have a problem for reasons best known to them.

The cake is way too big but we’re overlooked, ignored and ill-considered when it comes to bookings. We always have to fight for the scrambles amongst us female artists,” says the Gatvol Rouge born Deko Barbara-Jessica Wedi.

She gave an exclusive interview to this reporter during the CanDo! event in Jozi last Friday, that featured Kwesta and Reason-more reason to drive her point home.

“I wanna thank companies who believed in me and gave a chance as a female artist to earn a living by handing my first pay cheque. It felt great for being recognized and acknowledged by the likes of CanDo! as a private company to come on board to elevate our status ,“ pointed out the Dololo hitmaker.

Under her belt Rouge has bagged: The Best Female award at the South African Hip Hop Awards and the South African Music Awards for Best Music Video of the Year for Arumtumtum, her first in 2018.

Earlier this year, Rouge took to Twitter to set the record straight that her beauty has nothing to do with her success and her appearance shouldn’t bother anyone.

In the video, the award-winning rapper curses and tells her fellow tweeps and fans that her looks didn’t play a major role in winning the best female award at the South African Hip Hop Awards, and that if she decides to have the same look for the rest of her life it will never affect her music.

“I would like to dedicate this video to the people involved in the conversation of Best Female and it is based on how we look and it plays a major key,” she said.

“I would like to say f**k you. If I want to wear this hair till I am like 195, I will.

“If I want to wear something that covers me from my head to the bottom of my soul and nothing is going to happen because my music is still going to slay and my bars are still going to be absolute fire,” she said in the video.

This comes after Mbongo Zaka hitmaker posted a picture on Twitter in her swimsuit and tweeps went on to criticise her body and how she shouldn’t use her body to sell her music.

“My wish is for female artists to unite and break this cycle. It won’t be easy but its attainable. If we forge this unison promoters and other organizations will take note and that we’re equal to the task.”

Currently the 26 year old is independent having left David Gresham Entertainment Group.



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