Ramaphosa to tackle Lesotho stand-off!

Ramaphosa has been appointed as facilitator by SADC.

An emergency meeting was held this week after coalition leaders could not agree on a date to reopen Parliament in Maseru.

Ramaphosa is taking over from President Jacob Zuma who has until now led the mediation. Zuma has visited Maseru twice already and met with the leaders twice in Pretoria.  

Ramaphosa will himself meet with members of the fragile coalition government and other political role players to try and restore stability to the mountain Kingdom.  

SADC this week told the leaders to reopen Parliament and seek a new mandate from Basotho by holding elections earlier than 2017.  

Ramphosa will have to reconcile as they continue to disagree on when Parliament should reopen and fresh elections be held.

Meanwhile, the Dep President has also been scheduled to give a key note address at the Shanduka Foundation ceremony, today in Rivonia.

He’s a chairman of the foundation he established ten years’ ago.

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