Raw Bar learning tricks from JR in the Hunters Start Something campaign

He’s raw but…Raw Bars is working with SA’s top producer JR in the Hunter’s Start Something campaign -2 round.

It forms part of their legacy #StartSomething campaign, launched to inspire & give undiscovered South African artists a platform to start something.

The Metro FM collab is an initiative aimed at young talented musicians to collaborate with an A-lister as a mentor to create fresh new music.

The brand has confirmed legendary hip hop artist JR, as the A-lister who will be mentoring and collaborating with emerging artist, Raw Bars.

JR is a renowned producer & musician who has been dominating the local music scene since 2008 with chart topping hits such as Gata Lena and Show Dem.

Born Bhungane Hadebe in Johannesburg, Raw Bars began writing/ composing music at the age of 9.

Thereafter, he moved from Johannesburg to Kempton Park.

Bars was exposed to different culture music, which intrigued him to follow up on the Hip Hop movements.

“Hunter’s has embarked upon a journey to provide that small step in the right direction, inspiring artists who do not have the opportunity to reach their full creative potential.

Through the #StartSomething campaign, Hunter’s is committed to creating innovative platforms for aspiring artists to kick start their music career,” comments Maijaliina Hansen, Hunter’s Global Marketing Manager.

Here’ what to know about Raw Bars:

He’s 20 years old from Jozi (Maboneng)

SLM: Who is Raw Bars?

RB: He is literally a kid who has a genuine love for music, that’s just my main thing man music, listening to it and making it.

Either than that I’m just as normal as “Chris” next door haha. I started recording music when I was 13 (2010) but I started writing raps when I was like 9 (2006).

SLM: What influenced the stage name?

RB: At first it just sounded cool. Then I broke it down and made acronym which is (RAW) – REAL ARTISTIC WORK (BARS) – BEATS ANY RAPPERS SOUND.

SLM: In terms of musical genre, which one is your preference?

RB: To make/produce? Definitely Hip Hop. To listen to I rocks with “Neo Soul”.

SLM: You working with one of SA’s best producers JR, how’s your relationship thus far?

RB: It’s been an amazing experience to be around such wealth of knowledge. JR is a multi-facet artist and having him mentor me in this process means a lot.

Even though I’m starting out as an emerging artist, he absorbs my point of view, which is great. I am ready to start something and step up, all thanks to my fans and Hunter’s.

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