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Rescind Molefe’s position and dissolve board, finish & klaar!

“MR Crocodile tears” Brian Molefe is living on borrowed times.

Rescind Molefe’s position and dissolve board, finish & klaar!

Caught between hard rock and surface. Lynne Brown minister of Public Enterprises has been ordered by his bosses to rescind Molefe’s position and dissolve entire board.

This follows the decision by the ruling party that he be recalled from his position as CEO at Eskom.

Molefe, who months ago decided to relinquish his post at the troubled parastatal and shed tears in full view of the world, following the then Public Protector Thuli Madonsela report that he had regular contact with the Gupta family.

It was then rumoured he was being prepared for the minister of Finance post but that did not materialize as Number 1 decided otherwise.

Fast forward to this week, he made his way back to the plush Eskom offices in front of jubilant staff.

But the ANC officials are having none of it and Lynne Brown –minister of Public Enterprises has been ordered to rescind his reappointment immediately, and remove the entire board.

She was told at the Luthuli House meeting attended by the party’s headhonchos.

“They should look into that; ideally they should reverse that decision‚” Mantashe was quoted as saying. “We are hoping that they are starting on it immediately.”

Mantashe told News24: “We met with Lynne Brown and all of us present said‚ ‘Comrades‚ that decision must be rescinded.’“

Meanwhile, in Cape Town during the Africa Energy Conference, Dr Ben Ngubane is steadfast that there was nothing untoward in re-appointing Molefe to his position.

When asked on reports that the entire must be dissolved, he said he will await the minister’s recommendations.

Opposition parties have jumped on the bandwagon and want full disclosure on what has been labeled “corrupt” appointment.

From tears to dancing its eish-kom indeed…


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