SA golden boy gets praises from abroad and local!

Following his record breaking of MVAN NIEKERKichael Johnson 17 years ago in the 400m, the Bloemfontein born, believes miracles can happen if only you trust in your instincts.

In congratulating the star, Johnson said: “It was a massacre.”

“Van Niekerk is so young, what else can he do? Can he go under 43 seconds? It is something I thought I could do, but never did.

“Usain Bolt will be retiring soon, this could be the next star.”

Talking of the Jamaican Bolt, he went personally to congratulate the 24 year old, immediately after the race and shared some jokes, that was beamed live on national televisions.

Yes, it seems inviting his family and girlfriend brought confidence into our Golden Boy.

Back home, van Niekerk has been congratulated by all and sundry, including his former school in Bloem.

One of his sponsors Visa, arranged a school programme to inculcate the importance of saving money with students prior to his departure to Rio.

In unison, the entire school showered him with praises and some said they would like to follow in his footsteps.

Yes, we can say it boldly and loud- Jamaica you can keep you Bolt and we shall keep our van Niekerk! Amen…

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