SA ready to play ball at Davos!

It begins from today January 17 to 20 2017.

WEF takes place in a challenging global environment for both governments and business in which global events in 2016 have highlighted that the more complex a system, the greater a community’s concern about its future.

South Africa will once again use the opportunity to market the country as being open for business and partnerships for development in various sessions and interactions with global business.

Policy makers playground. The icy Davos in Switzerland will host world decision makers from January 17 to 20.

In the absence of Pres JG Zuma, who has delegated his deputy Cyril Ramaphosa, team South Africa includes Ministers, a large business delegation and representatives of labour, taking forward the spirit of cooperation to promote inclusive growth.

According to economic commentators, Zuma’s absence will leave a vaccum ripe for rumour and innuendo.

The politically embattled Minister of finance Pravin Gordhan, who is attending no longer see eye -to -eye with his principal following news of ‘State Capture’ report by the rich Guptas family.

The programme for the 2017 World Economic Forum annual event has been organised around five areas which have been identified as in need of urgent responsive and responsible leadership namely: Preparing for the fourth industrial revolution; Strengthening systems for global collaboration; Revitalising the global economy; Reforming market capitalism and addressing identity through positive narratives.

The South African Team under the leadership of Deputy President Ramaphosa will communicate to the global community the positive message that ‘’Working together our future is in our hands’’. In this context the South African team will utilise the opportunity presented by the World Economic Forum to highlight the work that the government working together with business and labour is doing to:

• Implement economic transformation and the reform agenda
• Make progress towards achieving inclusive growth and employment
• Restoring investor confidence
• Achievement of supportive business confidence
• And refine government spending efficiency

During the proceedings of the World Economic Forum, Ramaphosa is expected to participate in five sessions including: Building a new water economy; operationalising the sustainable Development Goals-unlocking the power of public-private co-operation; Africa’s Road to Prosperity; Gathering of World Economic Leaders on Responsive and Responsible leadership in a multi-polar world; African Regional Strategy Group; High-level panel on water; Global Goals-the road to 2030.

South Africa will host in May this year the WEF Africa meeting in Durban.

A large contingent of celebrities whom most are Humanitarian Ambassadors are expected to attend.

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