Secret is out but can you handle it?

Short between Jozi and Cape Town within ten days –Secrets theme is about the nation plagued by unsustainable money behaviours nationally if not globally;  where one in three South Africans have lost money investing in pyramid schemes; three out of five South Africans spend more than they earn, and 82% of small businesses fail because of bad cash-flow management.

The moral story chronicles the devastating impact caused by secrets and unquestioned money habits.

To drive the message home they solicited the services of both young and old actors, who experience financial secrets and recklessness attitude towards money.

Lindiwe Dim who features in the film short film says for her it’s about open book and has no secrets when coming to saving and investing.

“This campaign comes at the right time considering the lack of education we blacks (particularly) endured in the past and scarcity of money. This seeks to help us to understand the value of saving, especially youth’s.

Yes, its not easy when your background is disadvantaged but the more information and education one attains along this becomes easier,“ continued Dim, who plays Amanda- the spendthrift, the opposite to what she is in real life.

She tries very hard to invest and save, so says Dim, who is a model and an actress on Mzansi Magic’s soapies.

Commented Khensani Nobanda, Group Executive Marketing & Corporate Affairs at Nedbank. “We’re excited about this being a first for the financial services industry, and with the topic being that of money, which is viewed as taboo, we wanted to keep Nedbank’s involvement secret until the launch to provide maximum impact—and to connect with the movie’s theme.”

“Money is something nobody likes talking about, and this movie shows graphically how toxic these secrets can be.

“Given the extent of the problem, we felt it was imperative that as a responsible corporate citizen, we initiate a national conversation about the secret mainsprings of our money behaviour, and how to cultivate a more positive attitude towards it.”

Psychologist, Dr Tshepiso Matentjie, has been roped in to create a framework for this journey based on the concept of emotional wealth.

Secrets others stars include Brett Williams, Hlubi Mboya, Faniswa Yisa, Tevin Musara and Rolanda Marias.

The glittering premiere launch was held at NuMetro’s Hyde Park cinema, where stars such as Somizi “SoMgaga” Mhlongo, Terry Pheto and hangers-on came in droves. Secrets goes public today (Friday).

Meanwhile, on the sidelines PJ Powers or Thandeka- as she’s affectionally renowned also took time to chronicle the times she had with the late dear friend Johnny Clegg, describing him as an innocent Soul with big heart.

Holding her tears, she said we haven’t lost Johnny, he’s much alive somewhere and I hope he’s enjoying himself.

PJ Powers likened him to Mandela because of the substance, originality he espoused and the figure he was worldwide, that’s how I regard Johnny.

“I Met him at the age of 18 while he was still living at a flat that was opposite from the hostel. That’s where he crafted the art of playing with a self-made guitar- only to realise that was the beginning of musical journey.

We toured Europe as part of Juluka with Sipho and our relationship grew from then onwards,” she said.

There was no cultural cross-over as some have alluded, because he lived with Zulus his entire life and spoke iSiZulu fluently and ‘better’ than Zulus themselves, she says with a crack of a smile.

I enjoyed his stick –fighting that also made him fit within the Zulu culture easily, she continued.

However, she pointed out that he was a reserved character but on stage a fierce Lion.

“My condolences go the family but most importantly Sipho, whom I met the day after the passing of Johnny. He’s finished, devastated and weak, one can only pray for him to gain strength in these trying times.

As per Jewish culture he was buried a day after his passing. RIP Juluka, Savuka!

Image( Actress Hlubi Mboya stars in short form movie Secrets).

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