Stimorol steams in fruitiness!

Last week, this popular and youth orientated gum launched what is aptly coined Stimorol Sensations at the happening and faux pause Maboneng Precinct, downtown Jozi.

Peppered with catchy slogans such as ‘The Most Indulgent Gum in the Universe’ to Ever. Seriously’- this certainly shows how gums have become our daily lives.

And yes, as I’m busy with this piece, the peach brand is doing rounds inside!

It’s also available in mango & peach and strawberry & citrus flavours.

With two layers of delicious fruity chewing gum sandwiched around a rich candy gel center, it is all about FUN, stru!

It is packaged in the well-loved, premium envelope format, with 7 mouthwatering slabs of gum for your mouth’s all day, any time pleasure. But kind of! Aha…

Known for using various celebrities to pump up the message to entice the market, at last week’s launch no mentioning of that was made by the Mondel─ôz representatives-who are the owners of Stimorol and famous “Did You Know” Chappies bubble-gum.

Gum aficionadas will stand a chance to win tons of fun along the way all year. The competition gives consumers the chance to win a ‘Fun Double’, a lookalike that will swoop in to take over your mundane job while you spend a day out having epic fun (to the value of R50 000).

However, the ‘Fun Double’ competition just closed and the next one is on its way – where Stimorol fans can win their very own Fun-tourag! Go to www.stimorol.co.za

Candice Mullins Public Relations Assistant Manager, Kraft Foods South Africa, excitedly noted that the well crafted campaigns will target all forms of media platforms as part of reaching the market all over the country.

 The newly designed fruity package is now available at all retails stores nationwide from R7, 99. 

Be sensational and join in the FUN… See What Unfolds! 


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