Stupidity, opulence led to the arrest of Sam Holding’s boss

The flamboyant Zimbabwe born was arrested this week in Witbank for amongst others- fraud, corruption, contravention of the Immigration Act as well as possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

So serious are the allegations Hawks met with a senior official from the department of home affairs to obtain a statement which details how Chabalala obtained his alleged fraudulent identity document.

His business bank account has been frozen and assets seized. Tax man is knocking as well.

“On Thursday, we are moving to freeze his accounts. The prosecutor also ordered the investigating officer to go and seize the file at home affairs where he applied for identity document,” said a source close investigations.

Chabalala, shot to fame after flaunting his wealth by taking a 72-car convoy to the Durban July, a move that set the pigeons amongst the cats.

He has been remanded in police custody following his brief appearance in the Witbank magistrate’s court.

Sam was allegedly hospitalized for food poisoning but according to a friend he’s recovering.

Initially Sam claimed he’s a Vhenda born but the records have shown no authenticity to that effect. He also says he’s age 23 but this has been disputed as a fat lie.

His case reminded me of popular DJ Tich Mataz who was deported for failing to produce SA legal citizenship documents 10 years ago.

However, those that have followed him over the years, would have known that such encounters pop up every once in a while in the extraordinary life of the man who was born Tichafa Mantambanadzo 48 years ago. He has been hauled before the courts on charges that were initially raised against him five years ago.

Mataz is accused of defrauding Star FM of $60 000 by allegedly diverting advertising revenue to his two private firms, Hamtec and Onesay Investments, after claiming to clients that Star FM did not have the capacity to produce certain programmes. Such accusations would be a blemish that is hard to wash off for most personalities in the public eye.

Apparently he’s now a Pastor- a hard pill to swallow for many considering his way-ward behaviour.

As for his home-boy Sam, his case has been postponed to Friday for a formal bail application. Another deportation- possible…

Image (Stupidity and opulence led to Sam Chabalala’s arrest).

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