The Blessed Girl-its about money, lifestyle, tenders and contracting HIV

The author Angela Makholwa, gave me a jaw-drop when I was going

Worthy for young girls…

through the book, as she touches on subjects that are real, authentic, particularly for girls who are fighting or looking for good things in life without working for them either.

The book depicts Bontle from Mamelodi, Pretoria- uneducated- but street smart to survive.

Bontle- meaning pretty- is accustomed to the finer things in life –designer shoes, champagne, VIP lounges, exotic holidays abroad, a luxury penthouse, expensive wheels- what independent young woman in her right mind would want to let them all go?

Certainly not the ambitious Mamelodi girl who has used her good looks and winning charm to all her life to get exactly get what she wants.

The lifestyle doesn’t come cheap though, nor does maintaining the body that allows it.

She has a degree in MENcology, and there is no shortage of blessers at her penthouse door, eager to give her all the love and financial support she needs.

Papa Jeff might be overweight and getting on a bit, and receiving some unwanted attention from the Hawks; and Teddy might not have fully come through for her on that messed up tender business; but Mr Emmanuel, the Nigerian businessman with deep pockets and the possibility of conferring second wife status, could that be love?

Keeping all her boyfriends and happy an living a fabulous life is not without its challenges.

With so many people clamouring for Bontle’s attention- from her shebeen queen mother Glady’s in Mamelodi, who is taking strain bringing up her teenaged brother Golokile, on her own; to her girlfriends, Iris and Tsholo; not to mention her soon to be ex- husband, the ever-patient Ntokozo, Bontle barely has time to post on Instagram these days.

Sooner or later something must give… and Bontle has contracted HIV.

What’s next for her, get the book its worth paying for.

The author Angela Makholwa is a seasoned writer having produced The 30th Candle and the Black Widow Society.

Its available at all bookshops for R260 print and R208 (eBook)

The Blessed Girl is published by Pan MacMillan.

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