Total fuelling learners' in Soweto

 The initiative done in partnership with Move-it Moving Matters, and the Gauteng Department of Education, seeks to reach and influence over 3000 Grade 4 Primary Schools in Soweto, as a pilot project before being considered fruitful enough to roll out to other areas.

It is hoped that over 10,000 learners in Grades 4, 5 and 6, will be targeted in and around Soweto.

The kick-off programme was launched at Itemogele Primary School in Protea Glen, Soweto.

Communities, church leaders and hangers-on came in large numbers to feast on the festivities.

The whole day activities produced future little Olympiads as Dr Claire Nicholson, expert from Move-it Moving Matters alluded.

A ‘red-kit’ tool is provided which assist learners to reach their full potential by being exposed to physical activity.

The purpose of the programme is to try and expose physical activities and demonstrate the exciting method to help the youngsters to be active, sporting little stars.

It also seeks to capitalise on the educational and personal value of human movement. With regular participation in sufficient, enjoyable, age-appropriate physical activity, learners are stimulated to participate in sport, the talents of motorically gifted learners are harvested and a healthier way of life is brought about for children.

It also supports supplements and complements life skills learning in the core curriculum. Its unique read-do-write methodology promotes access to language, numerate and other literacies.

Various competing primary schools took each other to task in the form of mini games. To give thumbs up to the programme a primary school Roedean and Tennis SA learners also showed what their capable of.  

Dr Nicholson said:” Total South Africa is contributing significantly to an effective and inclusive education system in the community at large. Because homework is involved, inadequately physically active learners and their respective families come to appreciate the value of play, games, sport and exercise.

Whereas these learners may have experienced compromised health which may impact on their overall well-being in later life, we are already noticing a difference.”

Pansy Mekwa, Total South Africa Strategy General Manager, says education formed an important element of the company’s corporate social investment strategy and is delighted to be bringing the “Move-It Moving Matters” programme to schools in Soweto. This ultimately assists the leaders of tomorrow to achieve their full potential today.

Thandi Kanyi, Itemogele Primary School Principal said she was delighted that her school was chosen as the host.

” This goes to show that Soweto does consider education as fundamental and only way out of poverty. This would help both our learners and teachers to mix both physical education and learning as part of excitement.”

“We’re happy in forming this kind of Private, Public, and Partnership with all schools and private sector to aid our learners to achieve their best when coming to academic records,” says GDE Policy Director Dickie Smith.

At the end of the day, the programme must achieve, significant educational benefits to learners via the multi-dimensional nature of the Move-It programme; integrated learning techniques which develop visual, language and mathematical literacies embedded within the Move-It programme; motivated learners who are motorically competent and physically confident; healthy learners, parents and teachers and active schools that are committed to the belief that moving really does matter!

The evergreen MC and comedian of note the gigantic Kid Mabutho Sithole had teachers, learners and guests on goose-bumps!

Thapelo Mooki (12) from Emdeni Primary School said, he enjoyed himself and made new friends from Roedean School.

“We shared lunch together.”  


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