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Tshwane kasie tourism showcases talent, history and epic fun!

THE Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA) hosted its year end kasie experience over two days in Tshwane townships Garankuwa and Mamelodi, respectively.

Tshwane kasie tourism showcases talent, history and epic fun!

The experience that saw select media and other stakeholders as part of the GPLifestyle activation, began on Saturday at the up-to-the- minute Hash Tag Lounge in Garankuwa, that saw multitudes of revelers streaming in courtesy of GTA.

Sky is the limit. Tumelo Phaahla (14) is a biker with Tshwane Riders Club and says he looks forward appearing on TV soon.

According to Barba Gaoganediwe, spokesperson for the agency, the activations is to create awareness amongst the Tshwane masses on the products they have in their disposal.

“This is to showcase what Garankuwa has to offer to people who would come to the area and the uniqueness the place pride itself with. This is what we call local or kasie tourism.

These are the people with buying power but unaware of that, hence such activations to make them realise the potential they have in their own backyard,” he said.

It included Mall activation, tourism information blitz, Garankuwa Township Cycling Experience and the Night Life Experience featuring local Dj’s. And boy it went down until wee hours of the next day.

With pounding headaches and faces as if Tsunami has just wreaked havoc, off we penetrated Mamelodi. So here, we’re talking about 45 odd minutes from Garankuwa.

A cliché that when in kasie you must do likewise, we munched kota or for the uninitiated bunny-chow as our breakfast meal at The Village. It went well down accompanied by forbidden waters of Babylon.

Tshwane Riders Club led by the young Tumelo Enoch Phaahla, took guests for a cycling experience to key township tourism attractions and experiences in Mamelodi.

The 14 year old Tumelo, along his 14 junior teammates began the paddling tour at the renowned struggle icon Solomon Mahlangu Memorial via key tourism sites in the township like Dr Ribeiro House, Jack Buddha and finally home to Solomon Mahlangu.

This is where history of political icons was shared with guests and what made Mamelodi so popular with Police Riot Squads then.

With the scorching heat-synonymous with Pretoria- taking its toll, Tumelo afforded an opportunity to interact and shed more light on the club.

“The club began in 2012 by uncle Jerry. The purpose of the club was and still, to get kids out of the streets and nyaope,” says the Grade 8 pupil with conviction.

Albeit, the juniors have not achieved much, apart from partaking in 947, Spur and Momentum races, they remain hopeful that in 2017 doors of competitive competitions will be opened for participation.

“I’m grateful to my family for their support and uncle for affording us this chance so that one day, we should be the pride of our community,” says Tumelo, who also pointed out that they would like to appear on TV very soon and nothing else.

MEC for economic and tourism in Gauteng Lebogang Maile, did not make it due to other pressing matters but the show went ahead.

Jerry Nkuna, the brains behind the Tshwane Riders Club says the support from the likes  GTA and others, will propel them to help these kids from thinking it’s cool to be on the streets.

“I and my partners took a decision to begin the club in effort to foster relations between adults and kids. So far, we’re winning because the interest is growing everyday. That is our mission.”

Challenges are there -in terms of buying these bicycles because they’re expensive and costly to maintain as well,” says Nkuna.

The club consists of elders and juniors.

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