Two soccer heavyweights at each other’s throat

It’s a question of who is telling the truth amid allegations of defamation, criminal collusion and conspiracy.

Plot thickens. SAFA boss Dr Danny Jordaan has blamed Khoza for rape allegations plot.

PSL boss Dr Irvin Khoza and SAFA president Danny Jordaan are at each other’s throat following reports that Khoza is behind the plot of rape allegations.

It is claimed Jordaan suspected Khoza was the catalyst in the rape case opened against him by singer and former ANC MP Jennifer Ferguson, according to a Sunday newspaper.

The claims went further to indicate Khoza paid for Ferguson’s flights through Fly Africa and accommodation through a third party.

Fly Africa allegedly owned by Orlando Pirates boss, has come out with guns blazing to defend himself.

“I know Dr Danny Jordaan has a wild imagination in relation to me. He sees my ghost wherever he faces difficulties, but even for him this should be a bridge too far,” Khoza said during a press conference at the league’s offices in Parktown, Johannesburg, on Thursday.

“Let me unequivocally say from the onset that I do not know Mrs Jennifer Ferguson. I’ve never met her, spoken to her or had any form of contact with her.

“I’ve never had contact with anyone associated with Mrs Jennifer Ferguson or sent anyone to talk to Mrs Jennifer Ferguson,” said Khoza, who added that Ferguson has confirmed that she has had no dealings with him, in a recent statement.

“To be clear, I know nothing of what is alleged by Dr Danny Jordaan both to the police and the media about me,” he said.

In defence. Dr Irvin ” Iron Duke” Khoza denies allegations of a plot and killing.

“I won’t stop at anything until my name is cleared,” said Khoza, who also wanted to put to rest allegations that he wanted to kill Jordaan years ago.

Safa spokesman Dominic Chimhavi could only comment that “those are personal issues and we would rather not drag the association into it.”

Former PSL referee and academic Ace Ncobo has been also dragged into the saga by Jordaan.

With SAFA elections coming soon, gloves are off and there’s going to be blood splattered all over…

This is what happens when two bulls enter’s the kraal.

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