Vusi Nova back safely and Ntando launch latest album

But since God decided otherwise the award winning RnB star safely returned unharmed after a public outcry.

Back safe, brother. Vusi Nova who was abducted on Friday morning has returned unharmed. He also performed at Ntando’s album launch Mayibuye in Soweto.

This was confirmed by Lance Stehr, Vusi’s manager and Muthaland records boss.

“Vusi had been kidnapped by hijackers outside his home‚ and appealed for help in finding the star. He had just finished performing at a concert with Ntando on Thursday night when he and another singer from group 047 were hijacked in Melville.

The other 047 singer was dropped in Riverlea‚ Johannesburg‚ and reported the matter to the Brixton police station.

Moments later, the Brixton police confirmed Vusi is alive and well, said the dejected but relieved Lance.

Vusi and 047 group were part of the supporting acts to Ntando’s album launch titled Mayibuye (Bring it back).

Mayibuye, according to Ntando, talks about bringing back what belongs to Africans without compromising.

“It talks liberation and ownership that Blacks should be proud of,” he told guests much to ululations and whistling.

The father of a baby-boy- gave a raving performance on stage- one of his strong selling points that still makes him popular with our opposite sex.

However, with releasing a great album comes great challenges. Ntando admitted that he faced a lot of writers block when creating this album, which was a difficult hurdle to overcome.

“It wasn’t simple, this album took me the longest to produce because I’ve been writing songs, going back, erasing those songs than trying to remake those songs again.

So out of all the six albums I have done this one was by far the hardest that I have ever had to do because there’s also more competition now so you don’t just write and release music out there, you really need to be sure about what you’re doing.

Crooner. Ntando at his album launch Mayibuye at Soweto Theatre, Jabulani last night. Image SLM.

It took me a while but I’m happy with the end product,” he was quoted.

In Vusi’s own words: “Ntando is the first male artist to proudly perform in his isiXhosa regalia and from then on, I grew up following that trend. He should be celebrated for preserving his culture. We look up to guys such as him, even though we don’t tell him that often.”


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