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For the first time in South Africa, vehicle owners can revel in the convenience of having an affordable, high-tech vehicle tracking system installed in their vehicle at a leading wheel & tyre fitment centre. Whether you’re in need of a tyre service or simply just wanting a tracking system in a hurry, you can now select to do either, or both, at your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre.    

This recent offering comes in the wake of Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s unyielding support for safety on the road and, given the delicacy of South Africa’s crime statistics, vehicle tracking has become a critical necessity in the country as much of a safety necessity, it would seem, as the importance of fitting quality tyres.

“As a wheel & tyre retailer, our first responsibility is to supply our road-users with the best there is in tyre products and services. Since consumer safety is key to the success of our business, we have recognised that this vehicle tracking system aligns perfectly with our brand promise, further enhancing customer peace of mind,” says Joe du Plooy, Marketing Executive of Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

The newly appointed vehicle tracking system, now available at all Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores nationwide, is no stranger to the market.

The brand name is Beam-e pronounced BEEM-ME and is currently revered as one of South Africa’s most effective and affordable vehicle tracking systems.

Supported by MiX Telematics, Beam-e is accredited by the South African Insurance Association, which means that every Beam-e tracking installation comes standard with an Insurance Certificate. This pays great dividend on the lowering of car insurance premiums. For a once-off installation fee and a subscription service from as little as R89 per month, Beam-e is fast becoming an accessible and desirable tracking service to anyone that owns a vehicle, insured or not.       

While Tiger Wheel & Tyre highlights, Convenience, Quality and
Affordability; as three primary constituents of their brand promise, Beam-e appears to echo the same assurance with its strap line being Tracking. Simply Sorted and its focus on a wireless installation, revolutionary and inexpensive vehicle tracking service.

“Being wireless is just another great advantage of the Beam-e Tracking System as this makes the unit easy to hide without affecting the vehicle’s electronic warranty,” adds du Plooy.          
As a vehicle tracking democracy might have it, Beam-e is readily available to every make and model of registered vehicle. From the latest SUV to the oldest, run-around economy car; from motorbikes to caravans, trucks, trailers and quad bikes, Beam-e offers tracking for any vehicle and free recovery across South Africa, 24/7-365.  

Managing Director of MiX Telematics (Consumer), Brendan Horan, comments, “MiX Telematics is proud to be associated with Tiger Wheel & Tyre. Both companies saw the potential in taking tracking to the next level and with Beam-e being a challenger brand, who better to partner with than Tiger Wheel & Tyre.”

To celebrate this industry milestone, Tiger Wheel & Tyre is currently offering customers a free Beam-e Vehicle Tracking System, inclusive of six months free subscription, with the purchase of any four or more Continental Tyres.

The offer is limited, so make a point of dropping by your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre to get tracked and drive off with the peace of mind you deserve!

It is valid from August 21 June to 4 2012.

Visit www.twt.to for more details.

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