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Burnt tyres and sweat ready for Soweto Theatre as Gumboots Show takes center stage

ITS GUMBOOTS Time as Rhythm - The Gumboots show, created and produced by Philippe Barreau will take a short residency at the Soweto Theatre from the February 21 to March 2, 2020 before heading to other parts of the world.

Burnt tyres and sweat ready for Soweto Theatre as Gumboots Show takes center stage

This production foretells the life of miners through physical performance, it is a historical tale and a digest of the best of the traditional South African dance and song.

16 performers clad in vibrant miner uniform and black boots will take audiences through this experience as they pound the ground with their boots, with dancers beating, tapping, ringing and vibrating the gum.

This intense performance will be accompanied by sounds of guitars, piano, percussions, marimba and drums with songs sung in English and isiZulu.

The Gumboots is a re-enactment of the story of the Zulu people as they celebrate their departure from their homes, by a tribal dance before taking the train to work in the South African mines, leaving behind women and children. The miners carry the first rails of the mine, supported by the rhythm of the percussions and the songs.

Like a thousand stomping elephant and the sound of thunder roaring through the African skies, the smell of burnt rubber and sweat from their ebony skins loomed in the air as miners ascended from the mine shaft. 

Shosholoza kulezo ntaba stimela sipum’e South Africa “move fast from those mountains the train is from South Africa” was one the sounds which echoed from far beyond.

Tickets are available on Webtickets from just R100 – R250 per ticket.

Students will receive a discounted tickets at R60 when they produce their student cards.

Soweto Theatre will also host a one two for one price ladies night special on Wednesday 26th February 2020.

It runs from February 21 to March 2 2020.

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