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Health campaign seeks to aid rural communities!

Bestmed kick started a 42-day roadshow in Mpumalanga, at one of Eskom’s sites as part of its effort to help rural communities with health matters, where professional healthcare nurses were also on hand to provide check-ups for free at the launch.

Health campaign seeks to aid rural communities!

Bestmed logoThe campaign will run for three weeks at 12 Eskom Power stations, where Bestmed aims to reach at least 10 000 people employed at these sites.

The partnership with Eskom is a campaign to educate communities about the benefits of preventative healthcare as opposed to curative healthcare.

As one of South Africa’s largest medical schemes and winner of the FIA 2015 Healthcare Product Supplier of the Year award, the company will use the preventative campaign to educate thousands of rural communities in South Africa on health care education.

“We have embarked on this campaign to show our commitment to ensuring a healthy and productive nation. We have found that rural communities are somewhat neglected, and this is an opportunity to break that norm. When it comes to healthcare and wellness education, every effort counts. It is for this reason that we will be running healthcare checks with the aim of promoting better living,” says Chris Luyt, Marketing, Branding and Communications Executive Manager at Bestmed.

“If the healthcare industry partners in this endeavour, it will slowly start to change the mind set of South Africans and influence them to adopt a healthier lifestyle,” he says.

At the time of publishing Bestmed had not confirmed if the programme would be national.

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