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Amstel Radler Chillas- Dbn is next!

AMSTEL RADLER has its origins in 1922, when a Bavarian named Franz Xaver Kugler built a bar at the end of a popular bike trail in Germany.

Amstel Radler Chillas- Dbn is next!

After some 13 000 cyclists rode into town demanding beer, Kugler realised he didn’t have nearly enough to satisfy the thirsty German cyclists.

Panicking, Kugler improvised by mixing half his inventory of beer with thousands of bottles of clear lemon soda from his cellar. 

The 50/50 beer-lemon concoction was an instant hit, and Radler (meaning “cyclist” in German) was born.

News Editor- Sydney Morweng had a chat with Dimakatso Napiane, senior brand manager- Amstel Radler.

SLM: What is Amstel Radler Chillas concept and how did it come to be born?

DN: The ideal concept is to invite friends over and have fun with a DJ(s) or entertainers. Its core message is to chill -be it home, beach or club with a cold Amstel Radler. Its called LIFE…

SLM: How would you define Amstel Radler?

DN: It’s a 50/50 beer and lemon mixture. It mixed with real lemon juice in order to create the new variant – Amstel Radler, with 3% alcohol by volume. The drink combines a ratio of 60% Amstel Lager and 40% real lemon juice.

At the end it is still a BEER.

SLM: This year you had a very well attended Chillas in Jozi and the invited guests still rave on about it- Durban is next, what initiated the move?

DN:  With Spring fast approaching we thought this would be an ideal venue, imagine 250 invited guests/ friends all dressed in summer attire welcoming Spring- quenching Amstel Radler Chillas- just imagine? Hence the venue details still remains a best secret ever- with a tongue in cheek!

SLM: Tickets accessibility, line-up?

 DN: No tickets are sold. Its per invite hence only limited number. But for our social savvy butterflies- they should go on our social pages and like or DMs us. We shall respond accordingly. However make sure the Amstel Radler is visible… As for line-up keep glued to our social platforms as well.

SLM: What to expect in future- though she did not reveal much?

DN: More exciting and innovative campaigns in the pipeline -since numbers don’t lie -and of course growing the brand.

Ed Note– The next instalment of the Amstel Radler Chillas has been scheduled for Durban- September 01-2019.

Venue still remains a MYSTERY but expect the likes of Benny Maverick and Dbn Gogo to add that flavor!

Image (Friends savouring Amstel Radler at a secret venue in Jozi. Dbn is next September 01).

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