CSA a nightmare to both minister of Sport and Parliament

This follows the back and forth CSA has been embroiled in, in relation to stabilizing its Governance and racism that has bedeviled the organization.

When the SASCOC initiative yielded no positive results, the Minister personally held several meetings with the CSA Board and also met with the Members Council.

As a result, the minister has given a notice of Government intervention to the International Cricket Council (ICC) in the affairs of CSA, following a letter he sent to acting CSA President Beresford Williams.

As per international sporting laws Government or politics interference is not allowed but in this case Mthethwa has reached a boiling point hence the approach to ICC.

“Having evaluated the discussions as well as the subsequent reporting on this matter, I have now reached a point where I see no value in any further engagement with CSA”, said the minister, who also noted the ball is in CSA’s court.

Similarly, further engagements have been held between SASCOC and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee, also with negative outcomes. Minister Mthethwa strongly believes that there is great merit in creating an environment where sports problems are handled within the sports movement and accordingly wishes to offer them every possible opportunity to demonstrate their stated commitment to cooperate on a way forward for cricket.

In the interest of fairness, Mthethwa has given CSA until 17:00 on 27 October 2020 to make written representations, should they wish to, on why he should not exercise his decision to intervene as enjoined by the laws of the country.

In the report submitted to Sport Parliament 95% of its content focused on the fired CEO Thabang Moroe, a fact the Committee did not welcome and questioned what happened to both racism and Governance reports, amongst others?

Parliament has also called for Williams to step down following the Fundudzi Forensic Report that also implicates some members of the CSA board.

Image (Former CSA President Chris Nenzani and embattled acting Pres Beresford Williams).

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