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MSC Cruises adds new member!

Antonella Desi has been appointed the new Press and PR Coordinator at MSC Cruises, the market-leading cruise company in the Mediterranean, South Africa and Brazil, since the beginning of August.

MSC Cruises adds new member!
msc cruises

Cruising. The MSC Cruises has made changes at its head office in SA.

Armed with a degree in Communications, Antonella brings with her more than 10 years’ worth of journalistic experience, and five years’ worth of senior public relations experience.

She will be responsible for overseeing all media relations, editorial contributions, promotions and public relations for MSC Cruises South Africa.

David Randall, National Sales Manager, says: “We are delighted to welcome Antonella on-board, and look forward to expanding our already good relations with the media at large. Antonella brings with her a wealth of expertise and experience, both as a journalist and as a public relations officer, which will no doubt hold us in good stead going forward.”

She takes over from Ingrid Roding-Tudor, who has been representing MSC Cruises for the last eight years on an outsourced contract basis.
“I am very excited at the prospect of representing MSC Cruises as it continues to grow into a world-leading cruise liner. It is wonderful to be able to do what I do best professionally, and represent a company operating in an industry that I have always been passionate about – it’s the best of both worlds,” says Antonella.

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