‘Ndlovu’ to name a cocktail after a local girl at the World Bartender championships

In the mix of things. Julian “Ndlovu” Short is off to Mexico City for the World Bartender Competition that begins from August 21 to 24.

Fellow country-men please welcome Julian Short or better still ‘Ndlovu’ an Elephant for the uninitiated.

The 25 year old Mpumalanga born but Joburg raised ‘Ndlovu’ as he prefers to be addressed, is jetting off to the finals of the World Class Bartender of the Year in Mexico City, where he will compete with other 60 talented mixologists.

The petite Julian hosted a few media select to show-off what will be exhibited at the competition.

As part of the competition requirements, he will use the South African flavor for his mixologist showcasing.

“What you’ve experienced today, are some of the ingredients’ that would be on exhibition during the competition,” says Julian, who admitted that at the age of four, grew up inclined to the Shangaan upbringing because his parents owned a game.

“I used to hang around a lot with workers and this led to me adapting to the language easily,” says the 25, who apart from serving drinks as a bartender is a Sound Engineer student.

Now in its 6th year, a South Africa has not won the competition but Julian promises miracles.

“With the kinds of ingredients’ in my possession from the vegetable gardens, other contenders are in for a unique mzansi flavor hidding,” he dares- as he kept guests entertained.

Julian has also promised to name one of his mixes after a girl Lindiwe.

Lindiwe, according to him, is a Zimbabwean refugee who stays at the backroom at his parents’ house.

The 12 year old Lindiwe is responsible for some of Julian’s recipe because she used to invite him to the vegetable garden where she ‘worked’ at in Diepsloot.

“This is where I picked up the likes of beetroot, pumpkin, to use as my SA flavor, hence I will recognize her at the competition by naming one of my mixes after her,” confirmed Julian shyly to SLM.

The competition consists of 2 parts; a trade cocktail competition as well as a very high-end training program.

World class exists to make people care about what, how and where they drink, and strives to educate people to understand fine drinking as well as they understand good food.

“We are thrilled at how far we have come with this competition, and have faith in Julian Short’s flawless skill.

His passion has landed him the number one position against very talented contenders and we wish him the best of luck as he goes out to join 60 talented mixologists on a victory quest for the ultimate prize, which will be battled out for four days in Mexico City,” says Steve Saunders, Senior Reserve Brand Ambassador at Diageo South Africa.

Having being a bartender for four-year’s Julian admitted that its’ like ‘serving good food combined with creativity’.

Should he bag the award, he will travel the world and impart his skills with emerging bartenders, because to him its a career.

The competition begins from August 21 to 24 2017 in Mexico City.

It is said were an Elephant has passed- it lives an indelible mark- so we expect Julian to bag the award.

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