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Know your fine status – AARTO

THE ROAD Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) will conduct a “Know Your Traffic Fines status” campaign in the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape from January 24-26 and 31 to 02 February 2018, respectively.

Know your fine status – AARTO

The purpose of the community education activations is to reach-out to motorists to encourage them to check their traffic fines.

The team of RTIA officials in the AARTO Mobile offices will also provide information to road users to enable them to elect from AARTO options to resolve their traffic fines.

The main objective of the AARTO community awareness programme is to encourage positive driver behaviour, voluntary compliance with road traffic laws, curb road fatalities, penalise and rehabilitate repeat offenders. The AARTO Act exists to respond to the National Development Plan (NDP) to contribute towards making South African roads safer.

The Department of Transport has declared 2018 The Year of Improved Road Safety in South Africa.

In an effort to realise this theme, the AARTO community awareness campaign will communicate, inform and educate stakeholders to support and understand the RTIA mandate and the provisions of the AARTO Act, particularly their significance towards ensuring safer roads.

Under AARTO Act, within the first 32 days of receiving an infringement notice, motorists have five (5) elective options to choose from:

  • Make a representation to dispute a traffic infringement;
  • Nominate a new driver;
  • Arrange to pay for infringements in instalments; or
  • Apply for revocation of an enforcement order;
  • Elect to be tried in court.

The AARTO Mobile Offices, presented in a form of buses, are visiting the Driving License Testing Centres (DLTC), Taxi Ranks, shopping malls and fuel stations in various municipalities across the country.

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