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Win hamper and tickets to the Pretoria Whisky Live Showroom!

Explore the four flavour profiles from brandhouse. This is an exciting way to explore the different whisky flavours and identify your flavour profile. You'll find a range of whiskies in each flavour profile so there is sure to be one that suits both your palette and your pocket!

Win hamper and tickets to the Pretoria Whisky Live Showroom!

Enjoy the VIBRANT Johnnie Walker Red Label, BOLD Johnnie Walker Platinum Label , RICH Bell’s Special Reserve and FRESH Black and White.

The competition is for THURSDAY  (14 May 2015) ONLY!

To win hamper & 2 tickets answer the following questions:

Platinum Label

Win the brandhouse hamper and tickets to the Pta Whisky Live Showroom.

* Who is the title sponsor for this competition?

* Where is the Whisky Live Showroom taking place?

Send answers and contacts to info@sowetolifemag.co.za or sydney@sowetolifemag.co.za, on or before 11am 14 May 2015.

NB. Tickets will be emailed to the winner. Please note that the stock will be coming from CT and will have to be couriered to the winner within two weeks of announcement.

Ts & Cs do apply.

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